30. Rebecca Bakker, Business Strategist from The Doula Toolbox

I’m also excited to have you meet today’s guest if you haven’t already!

Many of us working in the birth worker field are pretty entrepreneurial. We may not have realized it in the beginning, but as we dove into this work, we realized that we had to advocate for, market for and promote ourselves on a new level to get connected to and serving our community. It’s not easy. This is where business coaching comes into the picture. I myself have received SO many breakthroughs via a business coach. Now many of us also don’t have loads of extra cash lying around to pay for one on one business coaching. That’s where today’s guest comes into the picture. Rebecca Bakker is a Business Strategist that runs an incredible community over at the Doula Toolbox that specializes in supporting doulas (and really all birth workers can benefit from her wisdom). She saw this need, for additional business support, covering everything from social media to website development to all other areas of running your own business successfully in her community, at an accessible price point! It was exciting to talk other about ALL the things! Rebecca is the real deal my friends. She’s powerful and passionate and doing an incredible work. Our visions for supporting birth workers are so aligned that I felt like I was chatting with an old friend!

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