31. Occupational Therapist Lisa Westhorpe

Occupational Therapists are quite literally the best. Today I get the chance to chat with the amazing Lisa Westhrope. She’s the fabulous woman behind Nurture Occupational Therapy and I basically fell in love with her over the brief time I’ve known her and over the course of this interview! If you’re not positive you know exactly what an occupational therapist is, no worries, she explains it to us!

A bit about Lisa! She is a masters-level qualified occupational therapist and mama of two who has a passion for supporting women during their motherhood journey. Lisa became interested in women’s health after her own experiences of pregnancy and early motherhood. She has a particular interest in supporting birth choices, educating parents-to-be on the fourth trimester, suggesting ergonomic modifications for everyday parenting tasks and promoting a safe return to exercise.

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