38. Down Regulation & Real Talk

Hello fellow birth workers!

Today’s episode is a little different.

Here’s some background before I explain.

Life has been a lot, for all of us. Personally, I’m quite sensitive to being overwhelmed and overstimulated. I’ve cut way back on my own podcast consumption and really being very mindful of what I read, watch and listen too.  This mindfulness as helped support my mental and emotional health over the last few months. 

I’ve had to reassess how I serve in my business with all these transitions. Being in a house and isolated from my community has been rough, and so I’m having to make adjustments. One of those adjustments is putting the Thriving Birth Worker Podcast on hiatus. I always want my work to be an authentic reflection of who I am, and right now, I’m not able to put more noise out into this noisy world authentically….

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