35. How Movement Healed Me

Hello fellow birth workers. Today I’m excited to get pretty vulnerable with you all about my own story with functional movement. How I started out as an athlete, became a couch potato for the sake of motherhood and transitioned into finding my balance and rhythm. When I share that I’m a functional Movement Specialist, I get a lot of questions, it’s not your average title. I get that if I said I was a personal training most people would get it. But also most people would probably assume they know what I do when what I do is quite different, so functional movement specialist it is!


Why does my story matter, well stories are powerful, but mostly I want to take you on my own journey of feeling like I was never doing enough, never strong enough and always feeling like I was behind and how my relationship with functional movement changed me. In reality it was a huge tool in my own healing journey, and not just physically. The peace and strength I feel in my own skin at 36 is so drastically different from what I felt in my body at 26, and every year it keeps getting better. That’s a pretty different narrative than what we generally hear culturally. We’re told you need to be young and thin and athletic to feel that way. Then it’s easy to believe that it’s in accessible to us simply because of our age, body structure and so on. I want to help combat that narrative for you, and the best way I know how is to tell you my story.

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