27. Social Media for the Birth Worker with Katie Edwards Corbin

Are you able to use social media to connect with your people? How does social media make you feel? Is it overwhelming? Is it confusing? Are you not sure where to start, or are you feeling confident and effective?

I brought in a social media strategies to talk to us about this very topic. I know for many of us, it can feel like a lot and we’re not sure where to start or if what we’re doing is simply a waste of time because it feels like no-one is seeing what we’re posting. Many of us are trying to dial in how we can connect with our clients via any virtual means, and while social media might not have been on our radar several months ago, it probably is now. Katie Edwards Corbin and I dig into all of this and more in today’s episode. She’s built her own businesses from the ground up and understands the entrepreneurs journey!

Katie holds a Bachelors in Professional Studies of Life Sciences and a Masters of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. She has over 100,000 hours of professional and business training whether it be in traditional institutions or mentoring with the leaders of their industries.   She continues to grow and master her craft.  Katie is naturally drawn to technology, marketing, and the psychology of advertising.  The combined approach of leadership, management, self development, and being tech savvy makes her a powerhouse to the companies she works with.

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