19. Bebo Mia Inc. & Entrepreneurship for Birth Workers

Hello friends! How are you? If you’re listening to this episode later, it’s airing end of March 2020, right in the middle of this CORVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. 

I live in Oregon where we are currently under a stay at home order, but we’ve been self quarantined for a couple of weeks already with plenty more ahead of us. Life feels turned upside down, and yet we’re healthy and have a comfortable home and food and toilet paper and feel blessed while still in the middle of dealing with everything. It is currently manifesting in my body by tension in my jaw and neck. I’m a jaw clencher when stress is looking for a physical way to manifest it self, so I’m working on paying attention to those areas of my body.

How is your body? How is your mind? How is your business?

We’re in the middle of a thriving business series on the podcast, and I feel mixed emotions about that timing of it. I plan out, and record these episodes often months in advance. I’m a planner and I like to have my little pile of prerecorded episodes so I don’t feel extra pressure or feel like I’m trying to beat a deadline. Because of that, this episode and several other episodes were recorded before this virus hit, so we don’t acknowledge this crazy real factor in the episode because it hadn’t been a reality yet. 

I’m continuing with these episodes because of several reasons. We still have businesses, even amidst the craziness that is our lives right now. We still need to pay our bills and attempt to to serve our clients which now seems so very complicated. I would say that we need business coaching, encouragement and community more than ever.

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