30. Rebecca Bakker, Business Strategist from The Doula Toolbox

I’m also excited to have you meet today’s guest if you haven’t already!

Many of us working in the birth worker field are pretty entrepreneurial. We may not have realized it in the beginning, but as we dove into this work, we realized that we had to advocate for, market for and promote ourselves on a new level to get connected to and serving our community. It’s not easy. This is where business coaching comes into the picture. I myself have received SO many breakthroughs via a business coach. Now many of us also don’t have loads of extra cash lying around to pay for one on one business coaching. That’s where today’s guest comes into the picture. Rebecca Bakker is a Business Strategist that runs an incredible community over at the Doula Toolbox that specializes in supporting doulas (and really all birth workers can benefit from her wisdom). She saw this need, for additional business support, covering everything from social media to website development to all other areas of running your own business successfully in her community, at an accessible price point! It was exciting to talk other about ALL the things! Rebecca is the real deal my friends. She’s powerful and passionate and doing an incredible work. Our visions for supporting birth workers are so aligned that I felt like I was chatting with an old friend!

29. Sitting in Discomfort & Shoes

Hello friends! 2020 has been and continues to be quite the ride. I want to acknowledge how the world is right now so I’m going to read a social media post I wrote up today. I want to share about how physical movement can lead into all other types of change and why it matters.

I don’t normally do super straight talk on my social media. I’m all about encouraging you and supporting you and not being another voice that adds pressure or shame or feeling less than….

28. Sucking in Your Belly, Postpartum Belly Wraps & Skinny Jeans

In this episode we get to talk about a topic that impacts ALL of us, yet we don’t often discuss how it influences us. Clothing! As a birth worker, this topic comes up quite a bit. What to wear to a birth? What do you wear with clients during a meeting pre or post birth? What is professional enough/vs too much?

There are several things that we get to consider: ease of movement, is it water resistant? Do I look too much like the hospital staff? Do I look professional enough? Are there enough pockets? Does your clothing help identify the role you’re playing? Can it get dirty?

27. Social Media for the Birth Worker with Katie Edwards Corbin

Are you able to use social media to connect with your people? How does social media make you feel? Is it overwhelming? Is it confusing? Are you not sure where to start, or are you feeling confident and effective?

I brought in a social media strategies to talk to us about this very topic. I know for many of us, it can feel like a lot and we’re not sure where to start or if what we’re doing is simply a waste of time because it feels like no-one is seeing what we’re posting. Many of us are trying to dial in how we can connect with our clients via any virtual means, and while social media might not have been on our radar several months ago, it probably is now.

Katie Edwards Corbin and I dig into all of this and more in today’s episode. She’s built her own businesses from the ground up and understands the entrepreneurs journey!

Katie holds a Bachelors in Professional Studies of Life Sciences and a Masters of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. She has over 100,000 hours of professional and business training whether it be in traditional institutions or mentoring with the leaders of their industries. She continues to grow and master her craft. Katie is naturally drawn to technology, marketing, and the psychology of advertising. The combined approach of leadership, management, self development, and being tech savvy makes her a powerhouse to the companies she works with.

26. A Birth Photographer’s Perspective- Kimberly Kimble

This weeks episode I got the opportunity to connect with the amazing Kimberly Kimble. Kimberly is a wife, mother of 3, photographer and trained birth & postpartum doula in the greater Portland Metro area.

After many years taking any photo job available, she narrowed her focus to bumps, births and babies two years ago and her business took off. She’s been internationally published and awarded for her work. As a trained doula, she has a deep respect for the birth space and the birthing process as a whole. She aims to authentically document your birth story as it unfolds.

25. My Controversial Take On Kegels

Hello! I’ll be honest. I feel quite emotionally drained right now. On one hand, it’s spring, I’ve planted a garden which I love, we’re getting more sun and walking which is my love language is so very lovely in the sun, spring feels new and clean, and then there’s this world wide pandemic where everything feels wrong and bad. I have so many loved ones going through legitimately hard and heavy and painful things, I feel emotionally exhausted most of the time.

One of the ways emotional exhaustion and tension comes up in our bodies is through our pelvic floor. The pelvis is central to who we are, and tells a story so very well, often trauma and pain and tension reveal it self there. Have you or any of your clients had any pelvic floor symptoms creep up in the last few weeks?

24. Let’s Breakdown the Period – Movement Edition

Hey friends! Today I’m digging into a topic we covered last week with the AMAZING Nicole Jardim ( if you haven’t had a chance to listen, jump on over to that episode after this one, as it’s a perfect complement to this one) but from my angle of the movement perspective. We’re going to get all science-y, understand biologically how a period works, and what movement has to do with any of it! Then we’ll discuss why blood flow through movement in the pelvis can have a dramatic positive effect!

23. Nicole Jardim – Period Rehab

I’m really excited about today’s podcast. Nothing get’s me more passionate than talking about things that deeply impact women’s health and their lives that are often misunderstood, or even worse, have shame so deeply engrained into our psyche that we don’t even feel comfortable talking about them. Well, today, I talk to a major myth buster and knowledge sharer- Nicole Jardim. We dive deep into myths, hormones, the postpartum period, painful/heavy/irregular periods, how to find support for these issues and more!

22. Prenatal & Postnatal Education Specialist – Jenny Burrell

Have you ever wondered why movement modalities and soft tissue therapies seems to be categorized in separate spaces?

The woman I got to talk to in today’s podcast does an amazing job and integrating both of these modalities together for a powerfully healing combination for her patients!

We got to cover so much ground in todays episode, from understanding the postpartum period, scar tissue release work, diastasis recti, how to support your clients emotionally without getting drained or burned out, balancing how we educate ourselves and how we educate our clients and knowing what is appropriate. Really we got into it all.

21. Coronavirus, Stress & Breastfeeding with Mercedes Thomas

Coronavirus and breastfeeding. Today we dig into all the nitty gritty details with an amazing professional, Mercedes Thomas.

There are few things happening around here on my side of the mic, I’ve created 2 free lymphatic flow classes. The lymphatic system doesn’t have its own pump, and it is moved by movement. I’ve created 2 quick classes to support our immune systems by encouraging lymphatic flow. These can be found under the show notes, and can be passed on to your clients as well, if they are wanting to support their immune systems through movement at home during this time!